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Guilkey, David K. & Riphahn, Regina T. (1998). The Determinants of Child Mortality in the Philippines: Estimation of a Structural Model. Journal of Development Economics, 56(2), 281-305.


This paper employs a longitudinal data set from the Philippines to estimate a structural model of the determinants of infant mortality. To control for the endogeneity of some explanatory variables, a set of reduced form equations for these outcomes is estimated simultaneously with the mortality hazard. A non-parametric discrete factor method is used to control for common unobservable factors in the error terms. Birth interval and parity lose explanatory power once biological measures are considered in the model. The results indicate significant correlations across the equations' error terms. The significant effects of breastfeeding and growth on mortality are quantified in simulation experiments.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Development Economics


Guilkey, David K.
Riphahn, Regina T.