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Male-Mediated Developmental Toxicity


Olshan, Andrew F. & Faustman, Elaine M. (1993). Male-Mediated Developmental Toxicity. Annual Review of Public Health, 14, 159-191.


The etiology of many of the adverse reproductive outcomes among humans is not well understood. Most epidemiologic and laboratory research focuses on maternal factors. Studies of such adverse developmental outcomes as spontaneous abortion, low birthweight, and birth defects have assessed maternal drug, smoking, alcohol, infectious, and occupational exposures. The potential role of paternal exposures has not been extensively investigated, partly because of the prevailing view that male-mediated developmental effects are unlikely (7). Thus, the acquisition of epidemiologic data and the development of a definitive mechanism for male-mediated effects have been hindered. However, recent laboratory and epidemiologic investigations have reinforced earlier animal data, which suggested that paternal exposures may be important.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Annual Review of Public Health


Olshan, Andrew F.
Faustman, Elaine M.