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Orphanhood, Child Fostering and the AIDS Epidemic in Rural Tanzania


Urassa, Mark; Boerma, J. Ties; Ng'weshemi, Japheth Z. L.; Isingo, Raphael; Schapink, Dick; & Kumogola, Yusufu (1997). Orphanhood, Child Fostering and the AIDS Epidemic in Rural Tanzania. Health Transition Review, 7(Suppl. 2), 141-153.


The AIDS epidemic has caused an increase in adult mortality and consequently an increase in the numbers of orphaned children. Data were used from the Kisesa Community Study in northwest Tanzania, to assess the prevalences and consequences of orphanhood in the context of existing child care practices in a rural area with moderately high HIV-prevalence. This study was carried out in a ward with about 20,000 people with HIV prevalence of 6.3 per cent among adults 15-44 years and slightly over one-third of adult deaths associated with HIV/AIDS.


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Journal Article

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Health Transition Review


Urassa, Mark
Boerma, J. Ties
Ng'weshemi, Japheth Z. L.
Isingo, Raphael
Schapink, Dick
Kumogola, Yusufu