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Gavyole, Awene; Boerma, J. Ties; & Schapink, Dick (1997). Monitoring and Evaluation.. Ng'weshemi, Japheth Z. L.; Boerma, J. Ties; Bennett, John; & Schapink, Dick (Eds.) (pp. 101-114). Amsterdam: Royal Tropical Institute.


A practical, well thought out approach to dealing with two major challenges for district health systems - reducing HIV transmission and coping with the consequences of AIDS. Sections of the book cover organization of a comprehensive district programme, data needs and uses, behaviourial and health interventions, consequences, and financing and sustainability. Based on experiences of the TANESA project in Tanzania, this book has broad implications for those dealing with the spread of AIDS.

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Gavyole, Awene
Boerma, J. Ties
Schapink, Dick