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Applying Nutrient Profiling Systems to Packaged Foods and Drinks Sold in Jamaica


Soares-Wynter, Suzanne; Aiken-Hemming, Stacey-Ann; Hollingsworth, Bridget A.; Miles, Donna R.; & Ng, Shu Wen (2020). Applying Nutrient Profiling Systems to Packaged Foods and Drinks Sold in Jamaica. Foods, 9(1), E65. PMCID: PMC7022911


The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Chile stage III nutrient profiling systems (NPSs) were applied to packaged beverages/foods sold in Jamaica to: (a) identify products with excess nutrients of concern (NOC) under each NPS; (b) assess differences between these NPS, and (c) discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each NPS when applied to Jamaica's food supply. Data on 6261 branded multi-ingredient packaged products were collected from the city of Kingston in 2018; of these, 4739 products, comprised of 3423 foods (from 15 food groups) and 1316 beverages (from four beverage groups), provided sufficient information. Products containing excessive NOC under each NPS were identified and the proportions of categories with excess NOC were compared using correlation coefficients. Also assessed were the mean nutrient values among the subset of products exceeding versus not exceeding both NPSs using tests of significance. A larger proportion of packaged beverages and foods exceeds thresholds under PAHO versus Chile Stage III. Additionally, a larger percentage of foods, like fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish and seafood, would be considered as having excess sugar or sodium under PAHO versus Chile. This is the first study in the Caribbean that applies two existing NPSs to packaged products. The results can help to determine an appropriate NPS for use in Jamaica as the basis for food and nutrition policies, to help consumers make improved food choices.


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Soares-Wynter, Suzanne
Aiken-Hemming, Stacey-Ann
Hollingsworth, Bridget A.
Miles, Donna R.
Ng, Shu Wen

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