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A Systematic Review of HIV Interventions for Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa


Muthoni, Carolyne N.; Kneipp, Shawn M.; Gichane, Margaret W.; Caiola, Courtney E.; Pettifor, Audrey E.; & Williams, Jessica R. (Online ahead of print). A Systematic Review of HIV Interventions for Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS and Behavior.


Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) ages (15-24 years old) in Southern and Eastern Africa account for nearly 30% of all new HIV infections. We conducted a systematic review of studies examining the effectiveness of behavioral, structural, and combined (behavioral + structural) interventions on HIV incidence and risky sexual behaviors among AGYW. Following PRISMA guidelines, we searched PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science, and Global Health. Twenty-two studies met inclusion criteria conducted in Eastern and Southern Africa and comprised behavioral, structural, or combined (behavioral and structural) interventions. All findings are based on 22 studies. HIV incidence was significantly reduced by one structural intervention. All three types of interventions improved condom use among AGYW. Evidence suggests that structural interventions can reduce HIV incidence, while behavioral and combined interventions require further investigation.


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Journal Article

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AIDS and Behavior


Muthoni, Carolyne N.
Kneipp, Shawn M.
Gichane, Margaret W.
Caiola, Courtney E.
Pettifor, Audrey E.
Williams, Jessica R.

Year Published

Online ahead of print

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