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Economic and Related Aspects of Land Use on Islands: A Meta Perspective


Bilsborrow, Richard E. (2020). Economic and Related Aspects of Land Use on Islands: A Meta Perspective.. Walsh, Stephen J.; Riveros-Iregui, Diego; Acre-Nazario, Javier; & Page, Philip H. (Eds.) (pp. 11-16). Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing.


This chapter seeks to distill the recent extensive and growing socio-economic literature on island land use and factors related to it and its changes over time, focusing on methodological aspects with a nod to major findings. This chapter covers agriculture and deforestation in connection with land use, economic aspects and models, and other forms of modelling. A separate, future study will focus on population aspects, migration and urbanization, tourism and climate change. The focus is also on islands which are developing countries or part of developing countries. This is a kind of meta assessment, covering the published academic literature in journals. It is based on a computer search of various data bases since 1990, which initially led to some 10,000 references, distilled down to about 600. A map shows the distribution of studies assessed here. Different approaches to modelling are identified along with recommendations for moving forward in these areas in relation to understanding land use and modeling future changes.


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Social and Ecological Interactions in the Galapagos Islands


Bilsborrow, Richard E.