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Patient Characteristics and Process of Care Measures as Predictors of Glycemic Control


Kirk, Julienne K.; Strachan, Elizabeth; Martin, Chantel L.; Davis, Stephen W.; Peechara, Madhavi; & Lord, Richard (2010). Patient Characteristics and Process of Care Measures as Predictors of Glycemic Control. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management, 17(1), 27-30.


Objective: To assess whether patient characteristics and process of care measures predict glycemic control among patients with diabetes.
Methods: We used ICD-9-CM codes to identify patients with diabetes seen in a university-based family medicine teaching practice during 2006. We identified a total of 1398 patients who had made 7962 patient visits. We collected ddata on patient characteristics, processes of care received, and whether patients obtained an A1C of <7%, indicating glycemic control. We created a composite process measure consisting of receipt of at least 2 hemoglobin A1C measrements, at least 1 low-density lipoprotein cholesterol measruemnt, and at least 1 blood presure (BP) measurement in the study year.
Results: Having Medicare insurance (odds ratio [OR], 2.01 [confidence interval {CI], 1.39-2.89]), being femail (OR, 1.51 [CI, 1.14-2.00]) and not receiving glycemic medications were associated with having glycemic control. The composite process measure was not associated with obtainment of glycemic control.
Conslusion: Our findings indicate that having Medicare insurance and being female were associated with better A1C control. Further study is needed to develop measures that predic a patient's ability to achieve recommended A1C levels.

Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management


Kirk, Julienne K.
Strachan, Elizabeth
Martin, Chantel L.
Davis, Stephen W.
Peechara, Madhavi
Lord, Richard