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Global Health/LGBTQ Health


Poteat, Tonia & Stahlman, Shauna (2020). Global Health/LGBTQ Health. In Stall, Ron; Dodge, Brian; Bauermeister, Jose A.; Poteat, Tonia; & Beyrer, Chris (Eds.), LGBTQ Health Research: Theory, Methods, Practice. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.


Over the last 30 years, the health needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Americans have become increasingly recognized, in particular for the ways in which they are distinct from those typically assessed and addressed in society. Universities and researchers are paying greater attention to LGBTQ public health issues and how they might adapt existing methods to research marginalized communities, but—until now—there has been no authoritative resource to guide their education or practice. Developed for graduate students in public health and health sciences—but perfect for anyone interested in this topic—this book will fill that gap and provide the necessary public health tools to teach about and study LGBTQ populations effectively.

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Book Chapter

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LGBTQ Health Research: Theory, Methods, Practice


Poteat, Tonia
Stahlman, Shauna


Stall, Ron
Dodge, Brian
Bauermeister, Jose A.
Poteat, Tonia
Beyrer, Chris

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Johns Hopkins University Press

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