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Sexual and Gender Minorities, Public Health, and Ethics


Littlejohn, Tonya; Poteat, Tonia; & Beyrer, Chris (2019). Sexual and Gender Minorities, Public Health, and Ethics. In Mastroianni, Anna C.; Kahn, Jeffrey P.; & Kass, Nancy E. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics (pp. 232-44). Oxford, England, U.K.: Oxford University Press.


Sexual and gender minorities (LGBT persons) are more visible and mobilized than ever. In some countries, that visibility and activism have contributed to the advancement of sexual and gender rights. Nevertheless, and despite those gains, stigma, discrimination, and criminalization of these populations persist and have impeded efforts to address their public health needs. As a result, sexual and gender minorities continue to experience a range of health disparities, and overall face a disproportionately high burden of mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, and other illnesses. This chapter explores core ethical challenges and debates that impact health promotion and prevention efforts with sexual and gender minorities, with a focus on issues arising in public health surveillance and interventions, and on understanding the social and political context that impacts the lived reality of sexual and gender minorities.


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Book Chapter

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The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Ethics


Littlejohn, Tonya
Poteat, Tonia
Beyrer, Chris


Mastroianni, Anna C.
Kahn, Jeffrey P.
Kass, Nancy E.

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Oxford University Press

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Oxford, England, U.K.

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