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Combating HIV Stigma in Low- and Middle-Income Healthcare Settings: A Scoping Review


Smith, M. Kumi; Xu, Richie H.; Hunt, Shanda L.; Wei, Chongyi; Tucker, Joseph D.; Tang, Weiming; Luo, Danyang; Xue, Hao; Wang, Cheng; & Yang, Ligang, et al. (2020). Combating HIV Stigma in Low- and Middle-Income Healthcare Settings: A Scoping Review. Journal of the International AIDS Society, 23(8), e25553. PMCID: PMC7448195


INTRODUCTION: Nearly 40 years into the HIV epidemic, the persistence of HIV stigma is a matter of grave urgency. Discrimination (i.e. enacted stigma) in healthcare settings is particularly problematic as it deprives people of critical healthcare services while also discouraging preventive care seeking by confirming fears of anticipated stigma. We review existing research on the effectiveness of stigma interventions in healthcare settings of low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), where stigma control efforts are often further complicated by heavy HIV burdens, less developed healthcare systems, and the layering of HIV stigma with discrimination towards other marginalized identities. This review describes progress in this field to date and identifies research gaps to guide future directions for research.


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Journal Article

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Journal of the International AIDS Society


Smith, M. Kumi
Xu, Richie H.
Hunt, Shanda L.
Wei, Chongyi
Tucker, Joseph D.
Tang, Weiming
Luo, Danyang
Xue, Hao
Wang, Cheng
Yang, Ligang
Yang, Bin
Li, Li
Joyner, Benny L., Jr.
Sylvia, Sean

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