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Popkin, Barry M. & Latham, Michael C. (1973). The Limitations and Dangers of Commerciogenic Nutritious Foods. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 26(9), 1015-1023.


In the last few years, some consideration has been given to the relationship between nutrition, national development, and planning. However, this has not been translated into national food and nutrition policy. Where nutrition has been considered, the subsequent programs have often been unimaginative, and in many countries they have failed to reach those in greatest need. In some countries, there has been an unhealthy reliance on foreign technology and often a tendency to ignore the real socioeconomic considerations necessary to develop an effective program.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Popkin, Barry M.
Latham, Michael C.


Popkin - 0000-0001-9495-9324