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Some Economic Aspects of Planning Health Interventions among Malnourished Populations


Popkin, Barry M. (1978). Some Economic Aspects of Planning Health Interventions among Malnourished Populations. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 31(12), 2314-2323.


The development of effective health or nutrition interventions can be facilitated by examining briefly the process whereby basic research in agriculture is translated into the appropriate technologies that are adapted by farming households. Basic agricultural research creates the production potential for technological development through the use of plant genetics, phytopathology and soil science. The basic scientist works at the frontier within which the applied scientist works, with the possibility of innovation at all levels. Applied scientists or “biological architects”- the plant breeders, agronomists, and others- use this basic research to develop the specific varieties which are adapted to a set of geoclimatic and socioeconomic conditions. Thus, applied wheat research in the United States has developed varieties that fit this specific climate and land-extensive mechanized planting process but cannot be readily transferred to either temperate or tropical zones in low-income nations.


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Popkin, Barry M.