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Control of Vitamin A Deficiency in the in the Philippines–A Pilot Project


Solon, Florentino S.; Popkin, Barry M.; Fernandez, Thomas L.; & Latham, Michael C. (1980). Control of Vitamin A Deficiency in the in the Philippines--A Pilot Project. Food and Nutrition, 6(2), 27-36.


A three-year pilot project in the Philippines island of Cebu determined the magnitude of vitamin A deficiency and its clinical manifestation (xerophthalmia), designed three alternative programmes for eliminating and preventing it in various ecological zones, implanted the three programmes concurrently in separate areas in each zone, evaluated the results and estimated the costs and benefits of each programme.
The economic benefits of monosodium glutamate (MSG) fortification programme markedly outweighed its costs. The Government is extending MSG fortification at pilot-scale level to two other Provinces.

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Journal Article

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Food and Nutrition


Solon, Florentino S.
Popkin, Barry M.
Fernandez, Thomas L.
Latham, Michael C.