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Breast‐Feeding Determinants in Low‐Income Countries


Popkin, Barry M.; Bilsborrow, Richard E.; Akin, John S.; & Yamamoto, Monica E. (1983). Breast‐Feeding Determinants in Low‐Income Countries. Medical Anthropology, 7(1), 1-31.


Considerable research has been conducted in developing countries on the potential benefits of breast-feeding, particularly its positive effects on infant health (see Buchanan, 1975; Jelliffe and Jelliffe 1978; Knodel 1977; McCann et al. 1981, and Winikoff 1978; on the health, emotional-developmental, and demographic consequences of breast-feeding see the first three sources and Chandra 1979; Gordon et al. 1963; Klaus et al. 1972; Puffer and Serrano 1973; Simpson-Herbert and Huffman 1981; Sosa et al. 1976; and Wray 1979).


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Medical Anthropology


Popkin, Barry M.
Bilsborrow, Richard E.
Akin, John S.
Yamamoto, Monica E.