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Accounting for Labor’s Share: Class and Income Distribution in the Printing Industry


Kalleberg, Arne L.; Wallace, Michael; & Raffalovich, Lawrence E. (1984). Accounting for Labor's Share: Class and Income Distribution in the Printing Industry. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 37(3), 386-402.


This study investigates the distribution of income between capital and labor in the printing and publishing industry. The authors first compare a variety of conceptualizations and operational measures of labor's share and then estimate models for the period 1946 - 78 that explain the movements in several share measures on the basis of variables that represent the differential power of labor and capital. Their findings indicate that worker power (particularly the extent of unionism and sometimes strike frequency) increased labor's share, especially in the 1946 - 62 period, whereas employer power (asset size and capital intensity) decreased it.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

Industrial and Labor Relations Review


Kalleberg, Arne L.
Wallace, Michael
Raffalovich, Lawrence E.