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Forming Reproductive Unions in Urban Zimbabwe


Udry, J. Richard; Dole, Nancy; & Gleiter, Karin (1992). Forming Reproductive Unions in Urban Zimbabwe. International Family Planning Perspectives, 18, 10-12, 17.


In Sub-Saharan Africa, the beginning of marriage is rarely denoted by a single ceremony or event, and confusion over when marriage begins clouds the study of reproductive unions. A pilot survey conducted in Harare, Zimbabwe, conceptualized the formation of a reproductive union as a series of steps and asked 201 women who were pregnant with or had just given birth to their first children to report the occurrence and chronological order of 12 postulated steps in the relationships leading to the pregnancies. Different patterns of union formation emerged, and a multinomial logit regression analysis revealed associations between the union-formation patterns and the women's demographic characteristics.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

International Family Planning Perspectives


Udry, J. Richard
Dole, Nancy
Gleiter, Karin