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The Sociology of Labor Markets


Kalleberg, Arne L. & Sorensen, Aage B. (1979). The Sociology of Labor Markets. Annual Review of Sociology, 5, 351-379.


The aim of this essay is to provide a synthesis of empirical and theoretical research in an area that is a point of convergence for much of the literature on social stratification, occupational sociology, industrial sociology, the sociology of organizations, and labor economics. The analysis of labor markets is an important concern for sociological inquiry; it permits an understanding of the way macro forces associated with the economy of a society and elements of social structure impinge on the microrelations between employers and workers in determining various forms of inequality. Since the majority of people in industrial society obtain income and other rewards in exchange for work, labor market processes form the central mechanisms of social distribution in industrial society (Caplow, 1954).


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Journal Article

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Annual Review of Sociology


Kalleberg, Arne L.
Sorensen, Aage B.