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Work Values and Job Rewards: A Theory of Job Satisfaction


Kalleberg, Arne L. (1977). Work Values and Job Rewards: A Theory of Job Satisfaction. American Sociological Review, 42(1), 124-143.


This paper attempts to develop a theory of job satisfaction which incorporates differences in work values and perceived job characteristics as key explanatory variables. It empirically examines the relationship between job satisfaction and the work values and job rewards associated with six dimensions of work--intrinsic, convenience, financial, relations with co-workers, career opportunities and resource adequacy. It is found that work values have independent effects on job satisfaction. The extent to which workers are able to obtain perceived job rewards is conceptualized to be a function of their degree of control over their employment situations. The paper also seeks to develop a framework which links the variation in the job satisfactions of workers to the factors that influence the degree of their control over the attainment of job rewards in American society. The analyses in this paper are based on data from the 1972-73 Quality of Employment Survey.


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Journal Article

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American Sociological Review


Kalleberg, Arne L.