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HIV in Transgender Women in Brazil


Poteat, Tonia & Wirtz, Andrea L. (2017). HIV in Transgender Women in Brazil. Lancet HIV, 4(4), e144-6.


In The Lancet HIV, Beatriz Grinsztejn and colleagues advance the knowledge base for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) among transgender women in Brazil by reporting results from a study remarkable for both its scientific rigour and meaningful community engagement. The authors use respondent-driven sampling methods and validation with national registry databases to estimate HIV prevalence and identify new diagnoses of HIV infection among transgender women. Their findings are consistent with previous non-probability studies in other settings and indicate high prevalence of HIV and STIs compared with other key populations in Brazil. The heavy burden of HIV and STIs in their young sample (median age 28 years) and the disparities noted in race, gender identity, sex work, and substance use histories highlight the importance of reaching marginalised transgender youth with HIV/STI prevention and care services.


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Journal Article

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Lancet HIV


Poteat, Tonia
Wirtz, Andrea L.