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Kotelchuck, Milton (1997). The Challenge of the New Children's Health Insurance Program. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 1(2), 67-68.


As this issue was being sent to the publisher, the U.S. Congress had just passed a 24 billion dollar, five-year Children's Health Insurance Program. In this era of cutbacks and reorganizations, the maternal and child health field should rejoice at any new public health initiatives, especially such a sizable and central one to our field as this. If the program's touted goals are realized, half of the uninsured children in the United States will now be able to be covered, with a benefit package at least equal to those offered by large commercial insurance companies or HMOs, and with great flexibility in the development of individual state's programs. States will receive more new funds than they receive for their current WIC programs. A lot of hard political advocacy went into assuring the bill's passage. Those of us who advocate for improved children's health cannot help but be pleased.


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Journal Article

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Maternal and Child Health Journal


Kotelchuck, Milton