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Advancing LGBTQI Health Research


Poteat, Tonia; Logie, Carmen H.; & van der Merwe, L. Leigh Ann (2021). Advancing LGBTQI Health Research. Lancet, 397(10289), 2031-2033.


Since the groundbreaking 2011 UN resolution called for attention to the violence and discrimination committed against individuals because of their sexual orientation and gender identity,1 the visibility of LGBTQI populations has increased globally. There is mounting evidence of LGBTQI health inequities driven by stigma, discrimination, and violence.2 In December, 2020, 70 UN member states had criminal laws targeting sexual or gender minorities—two with de facto criminalisation and 68 with specific criminal provisions against same-sex sexual practices, six of which prescribe punishment with the death penalty.3 Despite recognition of these structural and social determinants of health, insufficient progress has been made in actions to address them.


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Poteat, Tonia
Logie, Carmen H.
van der Merwe, L. Leigh Ann