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Henderson, Gail E. (1994). China--Long-Term Issues and Options in the Health Transition, by the World Bank. China Quarterly, no. 138, 532-533.


This report is about China's health status now and over the next 40 years. The future health of China's people will depend largely on public policies to improve health in an economically efficient, equitable manner. This report reviews the main interacting demographic, epidemiological, behavioral and economic factors which affect health status and the provision of health care in China. It concludes that the magnitude of health transition, the important policy options and the areas requiring further study are now emerging clearly enough to allow informed decisions by the Government. Topics covered in the report include : 1) chronic disease and prospects for its management; 2) risk factors affecting health (e.g. smoking, hypertension, dietary animal fat, viruses, bacterial infections and environmental factors); 3) current medical technology; 4) health service institutions and their ability to plan and manage in relation to chronic disease; 5) health manpower : their needs versus their resources; 6) health care sector expenditures; and 7) future trends in health care management including preventative strategies and the accompanying health care costs


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Journal Article

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China Quarterly


Henderson, Gail E.