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The Alternative to Epidemiologic Theory: Whatever Works


Savitz, David A. (1997). The Alternative to Epidemiologic Theory: Whatever Works. Epidemiology, 8(2), 210-212.


Krieger and Zierler recently argued for articulating epidemiologic theory to explain patterns of disease, because methods of study and specific theories of causation alone are insufficient to make epidemiology a complete and distinctive discipline. They view the "interplay of people's social and biological experience'' as the basis for patterns of disease in populations. Establishing a shared, intellectually coherent view of epidemiology would sharpen the currently vague boundaries between epidemiology and closely related research in clinical medicine, human genetics, and social sciences. Increased attention to the principles by which we conceptualize the deterinants of health would certainly generate greater self-awareness, and, possibly, improved research.


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Savitz, David A.