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Thompson, Vaida D. & Tashakkori, Abbas (1993). Another Look at Heredity and Environment as Shapers of the Person: A Proximal-Distal Framework for Consideration.. Severy, Lawrence J. (Ed.) (pp. 57-84). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Ltd..


As this issue of "Advances in Population: Psychosocial Perspectives" demonstrates, the study of population related behaviors invites both domestic and international (or cross cultural) investigations. . . . We are not merely interested in the documentation of migration rates, use rates of contraceptive services, birth rates, etc. We need to know about the extent to which individual's choices, in response to perceived alternatives, create the rates which were observed.
Precisely one-half of this volume is devoted to examples of programmatic research investigations.

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Thompson, Vaida D.
Tashakkori, Abbas