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Reproductive Health in Developing Countries: Expanding Dimensions, Building Solutions


Tsui, Amy Ong; Wasserheit, Judith N.; & Haaga, John (1997). Reproductive Health in Developing Countries: Expanding Dimensions, Building Solutions. Washington: National Academy Press.


Sexually transmitted diseases, unintended pregnancies, infertility, and other reproductive problems are a growing concern around the world, especially in developing countries. Reproductive Health in Developing Countries describes the magnitude of these problems and what is known about the effectiveness of interventions in the following areas:
Infection-free sex. Immediate priorities for combating sexually transmitted and reproductive tract diseases are identified.
Intended pregnancies and births. The panel reports on the state of family planning and ways to provide services.
Healthy pregnancy and delivery. The book explores the myths and substantive socio-economic problems that underlie maternal deaths.
Healthy sexuality. Such issues as sexual violence and the practice of female genital mutilation are discussed in terms of the cultural contexts in which they occur.
Addressing the design and delivery of reproductive health services, this volume presents lessons learned from past programs and offers principles for deciding how to spend limited available funds.

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Edited Book

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Tsui, Amy Ong
Wasserheit, Judith N.
Haaga, John