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Revitalizing HIV Prevention Programs: Recommendations From Those Most Impacted by the HIV in the Deep South


Williams, Michelle S.; Poteat, Tonia; Bender, Melverta; Ugwu, Precious; & Burns, Paul A. (Online ahead of print). Revitalizing HIV Prevention Programs: Recommendations From Those Most Impacted by the HIV in the Deep South. American Journal of Health Behavior.


PURPOSE: The incidence of new HIV infections is disproportionately high among Black men who have sex with men (BMSM) in Mississippi. Community-based organizations received funding through the ACCELERATE! initiative to implement interventions aimed at increasing BMSM's access to HIV prevention, treatment and care interventions.
APPROACH: We conducted a mixed methods evaluation of the ACCELERATE! initiative to assess its impact. We also explored factors that act as barriers to and facilitators of BMSM's engagement in HIV prevention interventions.
SETTING: Interviews were conducted between July 2018 and February 2020.
PARTICIPANTS: Thirty-six BMSM and 13 non-grantee key informants who worked in the field of HIV in Mississippi participated.
METHOD: The qualitative data from the interview transcripts was analyzed using an iterative, inductive coding process.
RESULTS: We identified 10 key recommendations that were most common across all participants and that were aligned with UNAIDS Global AIDS Strategy strategic priorities. Several recommendations address the reduction of HIV- and LGBT-stigma. Two of the most common recommendations were to increase representation of the target population in health promotion program leadership and to include HIV with other Black health issues in community-based health education programs rather than singling it out. Another recommendation called for programs aimed at addressing underlying factors associated with HIV-risk behaviors, such as mental illness.
CONCLUSION: Our results indicate that HIV education interventions in the Deep South need to be revitalized to enhance their reach and effectiveness.


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Journal Article

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Online ahead of print

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American Journal of Health Behavior


Williams, Michelle S.
Poteat, Tonia
Bender, Melverta
Ugwu, Precious
Burns, Paul A.

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United States of America








Poteat - 0000-0001-6541-3787