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Bilsborrow, Richard E. (2022). Population and Agricultural Change.. Hunter, Lori; Gray, Clark L.; & Veron, Jacques (Eds.) (pp. 375-420). Switzerland: Springer.


This handbook presents a timely and comprehensive overview of theory, data, methods and research findings that connect human population dynamics and environmental context. It presents regional summaries of empirical findings on migration and environmental connections and summarizes environmental impacts of migration – such as urbanization and deforestation. It also offers background on the health implications of environmental conditions such as climate change, natural disasters, scarcity of natural resources, as well as on resource scarcity and fertility, gender considerations in population and environment, and the connections between population size, growth, composition and carbon emissions. This handbook helps readers to better understand the complexities within population-environment connections, in addition to some of the opportunities and challenges within environmental demography. As such this collection is an invaluable resource for students, researchers, and policy analysts in the areas of demography, migration, fertility, health and mortality, as well as environmental, global and development studies.


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Book Section

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International Handbooks of Population


Bilsborrow, Richard E.


Bilsborrow - 0000-0002-0053-7356