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Wang, Liqun; De Boeck, Hans J.; Chen, Lixin; Song, Conghe; Chen, Zuosinan; McNulty, Steve; & Zhang, Zhiqiang (2022). Urban Warming Increases the Temperature Sensitivity of Spring Vegetation Phenology at 292 Cities across China. Science of the Total Environment, 834, 155154.


Urban spring phenology changes governed by multiple biological and environmental factors significantly impact urban ecosystem functions and services. However, the temporal changes in spring phenology (i.e., the start of the vegetation growing season, SOS) and the magnitude of SOS sensitivity to temperature in urban settings are not well understood compared with natural ecosystems. Therefore, we explored warming impacts on SOS across 292 rural and urban areas from 2001 to 2016. We found that warming occurred in 79.9% of urban areas and 61.3% of rural areas. This warming advanced SOS in 78.3% of the urban settings and 72.8% of the rural areas. The accelerated rate of SOS in urban settings was significantly higher (


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Science of the Total Environment


Wang, Liqun
De Boeck, Hans J.
Chen, Lixin
Song, Conghe
Chen, Zuosinan
McNulty, Steve
Zhang, Zhiqiang

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Song, C - 0000-0002-4099-4906