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Kasarda, John D. (1999). Comment on Elvin K. Wyly and Daniel J. Hammel's "Islands of Decay in Seas of Renewal: Housing Policy and the Resurgence of Gentrification". Housing Policy Debate, 10(4), 773-781.


Gentrification ought to be examined, for policy purposes, as part of a general restructuring of the space of cities resulting from broader changes in the nature, location, control, and effects of economic processes. However, even if it is narrowly seen as simply residential change, as in the article by Wyly and Hammel, the displacement of poor households by an upper‐income gentry ought not be confused with the effort to mix moderate with low incomes in public housing through the best of HOPE VI.
Despite this confusion, Wyly and Hammel provide some interesting data showing the extent to which investment in inner‐city areas has accelerated in recent years, paralleling changes in financial arrangements and contradicting any notion that degentrification is a continuous, long‐term process. Their data, although short on demographic detail, also implicitly highlight the role of government in pushing the market to respond rationally to economic demand and the continuing danger that gentrification will displace African‐American families.


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Journal Article

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Housing Policy Debate


Kasarda, John D.