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Navaie-Waliser, Maryam; Martin, Sandra L.; Campbell, Marci Kramish; Tessaro, Irene; Kotelchuck, Milton; & Cross, Alan W. (2000). Factors Predicting Completion of a Home Visitation Program by High-Risk Pregnant Women: The North Carolina Maternal Outreach Worker Program. American Journal of Public Health, 90(1), 121-124. PMCID: PMC1446114


Objectives: This study sought to identify characteristics of high-risk pregnant women that predicted long-term participation in a home visitation program.
Methods: Data regarding sociodemographic characteristics, perceived needs, psychological functioning, substance use, and informal social support were collected prospectively from 152 short-term and 221 long-term program participants.
Results: In comparison with short-term participants, long-term participants were more likely to have been African American, married, nonsmokers, and enrolled in the program during their second trimester of pregnancy, and they were more likely to have had emotional and instrumental support needs.
Conclusions: Women with greater social support needs and healthier behaviors were more receptive to long-term home visitation than other women.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published


Journal Title

American Journal of Public Health


Navaie-Waliser, Maryam
Martin, Sandra L.
Campbell, Marci Kramish
Tessaro, Irene
Kotelchuck, Milton
Cross, Alan W.