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Popkin, Barry M. (2022). Does Excessive Fast-Food Consumption Impair Our Health?. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 116(1), 11-12.


Fast-food consumption has been increasing across the globe, and home food preparation time and the proportion of meals crafted at home have decreased. The United States has experienced high levels of fast-food consumption for some time. Movies, books, and articles proclaim that fast food is no better than other junk food and that it is a key cause of the increase in nutrition-related noncommunicable diseases, ranging from overweight and obesity to hypertension, diabetes, cardiometabolic conditions, and 13 of the most common cancers, and even increased mortality. Many studies and reviews could be cited. However, the important question surrounding fast-food consumption is: Does fast-food consumption cause these problems, or is the fast-food consumer’s diet beyond fast food equally unhealthy? That is, is the type of person who consumes fast food the culprit or the fast food itself? And, on the inverse, are home-cooked meals the healthiest option?


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Journal Article

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American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


Popkin, Barry M.

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United States of America




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