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Mickley Steinmetz, Katherine R.; Gaudier-Diaz, Monica M.; Huber, Emily C.; Edwards, Brandon H.; & Muscatell, Keely A. (Online ahead of print). Investigating Social Connection as a Protective Factor against Exam Stress in College Students. Journal of American College Health.


Objective: To examine social connection as a protective factor against exam stress.
Participants: 55 undergraduate students at two universities.
Methods: Students were evaluated on an exam day for their hardest class and at baseline, a day in a week where they had no exams. Social connection, salivary cortisol, perceived stress, and cognitive control (measured with the Stroop test) were assessed. Exam scores were later reported.
Results: Higher social connection was associated with lower perceived stress on exam day. At a small liberal arts school, higher levels of social connection were associated with higher Stroop scores. This correlation with cognitive control was not significant at a large public university.
Conclusions: These findings indicate that social connection may be a protective factor in mitigating perceived stress and cognitive control capabilities may help facilitate reduced exam stress in some school environments.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Online ahead of print

Journal Title

Journal of American College Health


Mickley Steinmetz, Katherine R.
Gaudier-Diaz, Monica M.
Huber, Emily C.
Edwards, Brandon H.
Muscatell, Keely A.

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United States of America




Muscatell - 0000-0002-7893-5565