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Smith, Herbert L. & Dechter, Aimée R. (1993). Effects of Nonresponse on the Measurement of Social Life Feelings.. Krebs, Dagmar & Schmidt, Peter (Eds.) (pp. 350-375). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter.


Book abstract: Measurement of attitudes is one of the most frequent activities of empirically working social scientists. Although sociologists, social psychologists, psychometricians, political and educational scientists, statisticians and market researchers are involved in this activity, there is no continuous exchange of theoretical ideas and methods between these disciplines. This book is a first step in bringing together relevant approaches of attitude theory, measurement and analysis; attitudes towards objects as well as attitudes towards behavior; structural determinants of attitudes and their quantitative contribution to the explained variance of attitudes; measurement models and test theoretical models as alternative approaches for scaling attitudes, statistical techniques for estimating parameters of attitude models, and finally measurement and effects of response sets. Corresponding to these different facets of the attitude measurement process, the book is organized in five parts. Research using attitudes needs simultaneous information from all areas represented in the five parts of this book.

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Smith, Herbert L.
Dechter, Aimée R.