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Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick; Oesterle, Sabrina; & Mortimer, Jeylan T. (2001). Adolescents' Anticipations of Work-Family Conflict in a Changing Societal Context.. Hofferth, Sandra L. & Owens, Timothy J. (Eds.) (pp. 233-261). Amsterdam: JAI Press.


Produced under the auspices of the Section on the Sociology of Children and Youth of the American Sociological Association, this volume provides a cohesive, wide-ranging source of information on the life courses of children and youths. Contributions reflect: demographic analyses and projections; dualitative aspects of children's lives; children and youth in historical and cross-cultural perspective; issues of development in social context; children and public policy; and social and psychological dynamics of childhood and adolescence.

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Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick
Oesterle, Sabrina
Mortimer, Jeylan T.