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Cheng, Mariah Mantsun (1995). Employment Transitions in the Japanese Male Labor Force: A Log-Multiplicative Analysis of Mobility Structures. Work and Occupations, 22(2), 188-214.


This study examines mobility patterns among Japanese employees who are not permanently employed. Based on the 1975 Social Stratification and Mobility data, mobility distance structures are estimated using log-multiplicative models along the firm and occupation dimensions. Findings indicate that firm mobility distances are essentially ordered by organizational sizes, except for the reverse positions of firms with 501-1,000 workers and 1,000+ workers. Mobility gaps exist between small and large firms and private and public sectors. Despite the perception that the Japanese are less occupationally conscious, mobility distances among occupational groups in Japan show a stratification and status ranking similar to that in the United States.


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Journal Article

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Work and Occupations


Cheng, Mariah Mantsun