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Chan, Christopher G. & Elder, Glen H., Jr. (2000). Matrilineal Advantage in Grandchild-Grandparent Relations. Gerontologist, 40(2), 179-190.


This study examines the sources of matrilineal advantage in grandchild-grandparent relations using data from the Iowa Youth and Families Project. Results from fixed-effect models indicate that the observed matrilineal advantage in grandchild-grandparent ties arises from lineage differentials in the quality of relations between grandparents and the parents of grandchildren. Specifically, better relations between mothers and the maternal line facilitate closer ties between grandchildren and maternal grandparents. Fathers' closer ties with the paternal side also promote better relations between a grandchild and paternal grandparents, but the greater prevalence of matrilineal bias in parent-grandparent ties leads to an overall matrilineal advantage in grandchild-grandparent relations.


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Journal Article

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Chan, Christopher G.
Elder, Glen H., Jr.