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Barrington, Clare; Davis, Dirk A.; Angeles, Gustavo; Pajarito Rompich, Angela Y.; Santa Luce, Renato L.; Shelus, Victoria; & Northbrook, Sanny Y. (2023). HIV Treatment and Mental Health Outcomes among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men Living with HIV in a Pilot Multicomponent Intervention in Guatemala City. Health Education & Behavior, 50(6), 758-769. PMCID: PMC10638854


Globally, gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (GBMSM) are disproportionately affected by HIV, but few interventions address mental health and HIV outcomes among GBMSM living with HIV. The purpose of this study was to pilot a multicomponent intervention, integrating emotional well-being (EW) and health navigation for GBMSM living with HIV in Guatemala City. We implemented a 12-month intervention, including a four-session EW component and a health navigation component among newly diagnosed and reengaged GBMSM with HIV (n = 112). We conducted socio-behavioral surveys at baseline and endline to measure patient characteristics and HIV, and mental health outcomes as well as viral load testing. We documented participation in EW sessions and used a smartphone application to track navigation mode, frequency, and content. Using first-difference estimation modeling, we assessed associations between participation in EW and navigation and mental health (depression and anxiety symptoms) and HIV outcomes (HIV treatment adherence, viral suppression). Acceptability was high for EW (86%) and navigation (99%). During the intervention, viral suppression increased significantly and anxiety and depression decreased significantly. Participation in EW sessions and greater navigation frequency and duration were associated with being suppressed, whereas higher emotional navigator support was associated with being unsuppressed. Participation in EW sessions was associated with reduced anxiety. Findings suggest that multicomponent interventions integrating individual counseling and navigation may promote EW and sustained viral suppression. Future intervention research is needed to confirm whether HIV and mental health outcomes are attributable to the intervention and to assess mechanisms of influence.


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Journal Article

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Health Education & Behavior


Barrington, Clare
Davis, Dirk A.
Angeles, Gustavo
Pajarito Rompich, Angela Y.
Santa Luce, Renato L.
Shelus, Victoria
Northbrook, Sanny Y.

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Barrington - 0000-0001-7802-4051
Angeles - 0000-0003-4598-152X