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Elder, Glen H., Jr. & Hareven, Tamara K. (1993). Rising above Life's Disadvantage: From Great Depression to World War.. Elder, Glen H., Jr.; Modell, John; & Parke, Ross D. (Eds.). New York: Cambridge University Press.


Each generation of American children across the tumultuous twentieth century has come of age in a very different world and under the influence of different major historical events such as war or the depression. Now in paperback, Children in Time and Place brings together social historians and developmentalists to explore the implications of a changing society for children's growth and life chances. Transitions provide a central theme, from historical transitions to the social transitions of children and their developmental experiences. Children in Time and Place begins with studies that link historical life transitions in children's lives with emphasis on wartime experience. It turns to studies of historical variation in the effect of life transitions, from the onset of sexual experience to the transition to fatherhood, and it concludes by introducing the reader to the collaborative efforts involved in the workshop that led to the volume. This book will be of interest to developmental psychologists, sociologists, and historians.

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Elder, Glen H., Jr.
Hareven, Tamara K.