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Nonstandard Employment Relations: Part-Time, Temporary and Contract Work


Kalleberg, Arne L. (2000). Nonstandard Employment Relations: Part-Time, Temporary and Contract Work. Annual Review of Sociology, 26, 341-365.


Nonstandard employment relations—such as part-time work, temporary help agency and contract company employment, short-term and contingent work, and independent contracting—have become increasingly prominent ways of organizing work in recent years. Our understanding of these nonstandard work arrangements has been hampered by inconsistent definitions, often inadequate measures, and the paucity of comparative research. This chapter reviews the emerging research on these nonstandard work arrangements. The review emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of contributions to this field, including research by a variety of sociologists, economists, and psychologists. It also focuses on cross-national research, which is needed to investigate how macroeconomic, political, and institutional factors affect the nature of employment relations. Areas for future research are suggested.


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Journal Article

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Annual Review of Sociology


Kalleberg, Arne L.