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Lazard, Allison J.; Ebrahimi Kalan, Mohammad; Nicolla, Sydney; Hall, Marissa G.; Ribisl, Kurt M.; Sheldon, Jennifer Mendel; Whitesell, Callie; Queen, Tara L.; & Brewer, Noel T. (Online ahead of print). Optimising Messages and Images for E-cigarette Warnings. Tobacco Control.


BACKGROUND: The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) to have a single addiction warning, but many other health harms are associated with vaping and warnings grow stale over time. We aimed to develop new warning messages and images to discourage e-cigarette use.
METHODS: Participants were 1629 US adults who vaped or smoked. We randomised each participant to evaluate 7 of 28 messages on newly developed warning themes (metals exposure, DNA mutation, cardiovascular problems, chemical exposure, lung damage, impaired immunity, addiction), and the current FDA-required warning (total of 8 messages). Then, participants evaluated images of hazards (eg, metal), internal harms (eg, organ damage) or people experiencing harms.
RESULTS: Regarding intended effects, new warning themes all discouraged vaping more than the current FDA-required warning (all p<0.001), led to greater negative affect (all p<0.001) and led to more anticipated social interactions (all p<0.001). The most discouraging warnings were about toxic metals exposure. Regarding unintended effects, the new themes led to more stigma against people who vape (6 of 7 themes, p<0.001) and led to a greater likelihood of thinking vaping is more harmful than smoking (all 7 themes, p<0.001), although unintended effects were smaller than intended effects. Images of harms (internal or people experiencing) discouraged vaping more than images of hazards (all p<0.001).
DISCUSSION: Vaping warning policies should communicate a broader range of hazards and harms, beyond addiction, to potentially increase awareness of health harms. Images of internal harm or people experiencing harms may be particularly effective at discouraging vaping.


Reference Type

Journal Article

Year Published

Online ahead of print

Journal Title

Tobacco Control


Lazard, Allison J.
Ebrahimi Kalan, Mohammad
Nicolla, Sydney
Hall, Marissa G.
Ribisl, Kurt M.
Sheldon, Jennifer Mendel
Whitesell, Callie
Queen, Tara L.
Brewer, Noel T.

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Hall - 0000-0002-8690-9498