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Nyati, Lukhanyo H.; Norris, Shane A.; Micklesfield, Lisa K.; Adair, Linda S.; Fall, Caroline H. D.; Lee, Nanette R.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Osmond, Clive; Richter, Linda M.; & Sachdev, Harshpal S., et al. (2023). Growth in Infancy and Childhood and Age at Menarche in Five Low- Or Middle-Income Countries: Consortium of Health Orientated Research in Transitional Societies (Cohorts). Journal of Nutrition.


BACKGROUND: Earlier age at menarche is associated with behavioral and noncommunicable disease risks. The influence of birth weight (BW) (intrauterine) and postnatal growth on age at menarche is not well studied in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
OBJECTIVE: Therefore, we investigated these associations in 5 LMIC birth cohorts.
METHODS: We analyzed data from Brazil, Guatemala, India, the Philippines, and South Africa (n = 3983). We derived stunting (< -2 SD scores) at 24 mo using the WHO child growth standards. We generated interaction terms with categorized BW and conditional weight (lighter < 0 or heavier


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Journal Article

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Journal Title

Journal of Nutrition


Nyati, Lukhanyo H.
Norris, Shane A.
Micklesfield, Lisa K.
Adair, Linda S.
Fall, Caroline H. D.
Lee, Nanette R.
Martorell, Reynaldo
Osmond, Clive
Richter, Linda M.
Sachdev, Harshpal S.
Horta, Bernardo L.
Stein, Aryeh D.

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Data Set/Study

Consortium of Health-Oriented Research in Transitioning Societies (COHORTS)




Adair - 0000-0002-3670-8073