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Angeles, Gustavo; Ahsan, Karar Zunaid; Curtis, Sian L.; Spencer, John; Streatfield, Peter Kim; Chakraborty, Nitai; & Brodish, Paul Henry (2022). Measurement Challenges in Designing and Conducting Surveys on Urban Population: Experience from Bangladesh Urban Health Surveys. Survey Methods: Insights from the Field.


Urban populations in low- and middle-income countries are diverse in their health profiles and socioeconomic characteristics, and intra-urban differentials in health are in many cases even larger than those between urban and rural areas. Most existing household sample surveys implemented globally cannot provide required information on health outcomes, health-related behaviors, and health infrastructure specific to cities in regular intervals, particularly for sub-populations within urban areas. In this paper, we discussed some of the challenges for designing and conducting household surveys in urban areas to capture key health outcomes and service utilization indicators. Based on our experience in implementing the 2006 and 2013 rounds of Urban Health Surveys in Bangladesh and knowledge on implementing surveys globally, we identified several options for conducting similar surveys to capture key health outcomes and service utilization indicators in urban areas in the coming years. In light of increased attention to measuring the health of urban populations within the global development agenda, the measurement issues we documented in this paper and the framework we proposed to address them will inform others who are planning to conduct similar surveys.


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Journal Article

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Survey Methods: Insights from the Field


Angeles, Gustavo
Ahsan, Karar Zunaid
Curtis, Sian L.
Spencer, John
Streatfield, Peter Kim
Chakraborty, Nitai
Brodish, Paul Henry

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Bangladesh Urban Health Survey




Curtis - 0000-0001-5225-860X
Angeles - 0000-0003-4598-152X