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Nicholas, Khristopher M.; Bentley, Margaret E.; Barrington, Clare; & Thompson, Amanda L. (2023). Towards Increased Island Food System Resilience: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic.. Walsh, Stephen J. & Mena, Carlos F. (Eds.) (pp. 137-150). New York: Springer International Publishing.


Island ecosystems are often described as facing two types of barriers: “classical” challenges related to sustaining rapidly growing populations with limited natural resources and “emerging” challenges related to import dependence and exposure to global markets (Schwarz et al. 2011). Complicating this distinction, however, are challenges imposed by climate change and the recent coronavirus pandemic (Farrell et al. 2020; Syddall et al. 2022). Climate change is expected to drastically reduce the fishing and agriculture yield for many small island developing states (SIDS) with implications for food security and economic development (Bell et al. 2021). Because many island nations are dependent on food imports, supply chain stagna tion during COVID-19 pandemic contributed to income loss and food insecurity (Farrell et al. 2020).


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Nicholas, Khristopher M.
Bentley, Margaret E.
Barrington, Clare
Thompson, Amanda L.




Thompson, AL - 0000-0002-5872-738X
Bentley - 0000-0002-1220-0208
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