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Brown, Jordyn A.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Bae-Jump, Victoria L.; Ogunleye, Adeyemi A.; Smith, Shawn; Black-Grant, Stephenie; & Nichols, Hazel B. (Online ahead of print). Lymphedema Self-Assessment among Endometrial Cancer Survivors. Cancer Causes & Control.


PURPOSE: Lower extremity lymphedema (LEL), which causes ankle, leg, and feet swelling, poses a significant challenge for endometrial cancer survivors, impacting physical functioning and psychological well-being. Inconsistent LEL diagnostic methods result in wide-ranging LEL incidence estimates.
METHODS: We calculated the cumulative incidence of LEL based on survivor-reported Gynecologic Cancer Lymphedema Questionnaire (GCLQ) responses in addition to survivor- and nurse-reported leg circumference measurements among a pilot sample of 50 endometrial cancer survivors (27 White, 23 Black) enrolled in the ongoing population-based Carolina Endometrial Cancer Study.
RESULTS: Self-leg circumference measurements were perceived to be difficult and were completed by only 17 survivors. Diagnostic accuracy testing measures (sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value) compared the standard nurse-measured [Formula: see text]10% difference in leg circumference measurements to GCLQ responses. At a mean of ~11 months post-diagnosis, 54% of survivors met established criteria for LEL based on [Formula: see text]4 GCLQ cutpoint while 24% had LEL based on nurse-measurement. Percent agreement, sensitivity, and specificity approximated 60% at a threshold of [Formula: see text]5 GCLQ symptoms. However, Cohen's kappa, a measure of reliability that corrects for agreement by chance, was highest at [Formula: see text]4 GCLQ symptoms (


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Online ahead of print

Journal Title

Cancer Causes & Control


Brown, Jordyn A.
Olshan, Andrew F.
Bae-Jump, Victoria L.
Ogunleye, Adeyemi A.
Smith, Shawn
Black-Grant, Stephenie
Nichols, Hazel B.

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Carolina Endometrial Cancer Study


United States


North Carolina




Olshan - 0000-0001-9115-5128