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Blau, David M. (2000). . Cambridge, Mass.: National Bureau of Economic Research.


Child care and early education subsidies for low-income families make up a relatively small but growing share of the portfolio of government means-tested transfer programs in the United States. The federal and state governments are estimated to have spent at least 18 billion dollars on such subsidies in fiscal year 1999. Many different government programs have provided means-tested child care and early education subsidies. Several of the major programs were consolidated into a single block grant as part of the welfare reform of 1996, but a number of major programs and many minor programs remain separate. Child care and early education subsidies are an important part of public efforts to help low-income families support themselves by work rather than welfare. They are also an important part of efforts to improve child outcomes for low-income families.

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Child Care Subsidy Programs


Blau, David M.