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Elder, Glen H., Jr. & Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick (2002). Perspectives on Human Development in Context.. von Hofsten, Claes & B├Ąckman, Lars (Eds.) (pp. 153-175). New York: Taylor & Francis.


These two volumes represent the cutting edge of contemporary theory and research in psychological science. Based on the keynote and state-of-the-art lectures from the 27th International Congress of Psychology, the volumes feature a collection of chapters written by international leaders in psychological scholarship. The chapters reflect the diversity of current research topics in psychology, where old boundaries have become obsolete and subdivisions from the past merge to form new objects of study. Volume 1 addresses cognitive, biological, and health perspectives. It includes sections on the neural mechanisms underlying psychological processes; the core areas in experimental psychology, perception, attention, learning, and memory; the multiple aspects of psychological health; the interaction between cognitive and emotional processes; and higher cognitive processes with special focus on decision-making and language. Volume 2 deals with social, developmental, and clinical perspectives. The sections highlight human development across the life span; basic and applied issues in personality, emotion, and clinical psychology; social psychology, ranging from experimental work through social constructivism; and gender.

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Elder, Glen H., Jr.
Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick