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Darity, William A., Jr. (2003). Employment Discrimination, Segregation, and Health. American Journal of Public Health, 93(2), 226-231. PMCID: PMC1447721


The author examines available evidence on the effects of exposure to joblessness on emotional well-being according to race and sex. The impact of racism on general health outcomes also is considered, particularly racism in the specific form of wage discrimination. Perceptions of racism and measured exposures to racism may be distinct triggers for adverse health outcomes. Whether the effects of racism are best evaluated on the basis of self-classification or social classification of racial identity is unclear. Some research sorts between the effects of race and socioeconomic status on health. The development of a new longitudinal database will facilitate more accurate identification of connections between racism and negative health effects.


Reference Type

Journal Article

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Journal Title

American Journal of Public Health


Darity, William A., Jr.