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Characterizing and Modeling Landscape Dynamics: An Introduction


Bian, Ling & Walsh, Stephen J. (2002). Characterizing and Modeling Landscape Dynamics: An Introduction. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, 68(10), 999-1000.


In 2000, the National Research Council (NRC) described the "Grand Challenges in Environmental Sciences" to include (1 ) development of long-term, regional databases for land use, land cover, and related social information, (2) formulation of spatially- explicit and multisectional land-change theory, (3) linkage of land-change theory to space-based imagery, and (4) development of innovative applications of spatial simulation techniques for assessing environmental dynamics and land use and land cover change. Further, the NRC described how spatial simulations would (a) extend dynamic modeling techniques to distinct temporal and spatial patterns of land use and land cover change, (b) connect such models to extant and pending theoretical frameworks that accommodate the complexity of, and relationships among, socio-economic and environmental factors, (c) establish common validation and replication protocols necessary for determining the robustness of model outcomes under different assessment scenarios, (d) consider the value of information and the role of uncertainty in determining model outputs, and (e) examine the utility of dynamic spatial simulation models for land managers and government decision makers.


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Journal Article

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Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing


Bian, Ling
Walsh, Stephen J.