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Water Use as a Measure of Hygiene Behavior


VanDerslice, James (1994). Water Use as a Measure of Hygiene Behavior.. Cairncross, Sandy & Kochar, Vijay (Eds.). New Delhi: Sage.


This publication is a product of the Workshop on the Measurement of Hygiene Behaviour held at Queen's College, Oxford, in April 1991. It contains a multidisciplinary compendium of thirty-two essays by scholars from different countries. The first part covers theoretical and empirical issues relating to research methods for studying hygiene behaviour. It includes discussions on quantitative methods, the importance of the qualitative approach, and the utility of multi-method strategies for studying hygiene behaviour. Part two examines educational interventions to change hygiene behaviour. The essays in this section raise questions about the aims and evaluation of hygiene education, arguing a case for participatory methods and empowerment in the process of education. The final section presents seventeen case studies of the practical problems of investigating hygiene behaviour in the field and in the different cultural settings of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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VanDerslice, James